Advertisers now understand the power of influencers.

The truth is, there are no bigger influencers than radio presenters. Many radio presenters have larger social media following than those of the stations they work for.

Not to mention a huge, daily, live broadcast platform.

Radio is the original social medium and presenters are the original influencers.  Radio’s real USP is to combine a compelling and relevant radio campaign with a suitable and related presenter to endorse the campaign.

Relative to the rest of the world South African radio stations have huge audiences.  Trying to reach equivalent numbers through a digital-only media strategy is incredibly difficult. It can be a real hit-and-miss affair whereas radio’s audiences are guaranteed to hear the message.

Those audiences are measurable but more importantly, they’re engaged. And who do they engage with? Their favourite presenter. Combine that listening audience with the presenter’s substantial social media audience and you’ve got a powerful and measurable combination.

Ultimate Media specialize in creating content rich campaigns built around Influencer Presenters.

Campaigns that converge on air with digital in an engaging content loop.

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