Radio is strong on Immediacy and Engagement, two critical factors for any lead generation programme. Yet radio has consistently failed to deliver successful lead generation measured on cost per acquisition.

The general consensus is that you can’t measure lead gen on radio, the conversion rate is too low and that it’s way more expensive than a digital-only approach.

Not so.

Clients in the financial and insurance sectors have used radio to generate measurable leads at a cpa rate comparable to other successful channels.

The key is to take a highly disciplined approach following a tried and tested formula. The first mistake most advertisers make is to get confused over what the objective of the radio campaign is. Is it lead gen ? Or is it brand advertising.

This isn’t surprising as lead gen typically sits in a very specific, digital-only, part of the marketing department. Radio usually wouldn’t even come on to their radar as a potential lead gen channel. Radio is the preserve of the brand manager and they don’t have a lead gen mandate. So you can see why most lead gen campaigns on radio lose their way. They end up trying to do too many things instead of focusing purely on generating leads.

Successful lead gen on radio should capitalise on the high degree of trust that exists between presenter and listener. A grudge purchase isn’t a grudge when a friend recommends it. Then create a real sense of urgency for the listener to respond now. Incidentally, an 2018 Ultimate Media study showed that by adding a Presenter Influencer to a lead gen campaign 20% more leads were delivered.

Radio’s other great quality is its flexibility, a quality it shares with digital channels. If something doesn’t work you can test and tweak it until you get the response rate you need.

Ultimate Media have developed a proven 6-step formula for lead generation on radio. This is based on managing well over 250 lead gen campaigns on radio for a variety of clients.

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