The African Language Service (ALS) stations offer a unique opportunity to engage with huge numbers of consumers in their own language and via presenters and stations that they trust implicitly.

Ultimate Media has a track record gathering spectacular results for our clients on the ALS stations. We’ve even mastered lead generation and focused content creation.

This is down to:

  1. our detailed and nuanced knowledge of ALS audiences
  2. our understanding of how listeners engage with their stations
  3. our translation, interpretation, content creation and production capabilities
  4. our close relationships with the station presenters


Engaging the Vernacular Audience Through Radio and Digital Convergence

Convergence is a very fancy word that suggests major technological intersection when, in fact, it’s just about making sure you are where the audience is when they’re not tuned in to their favourite radio station.

We’ve run numerous successful campaigns across many different categories (retail, financial, FMCG) where we have successfully engaged ALS audiences through the on air platform feeding into a combination of digital channels. Many of these campaigns are content rich and the digital channels have proven to be highly effective in distributing that content.

Ukhozi FM

Thobela FM

Phalaphala FM

Lesedi FM

Ikwekwezi FM

Umhlobo Wenene



Munghana Lonene

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