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Radio in general January 15, 2019

Unearthing & polishing the hidden radio gems

Even though I listen to a lot of radio and consider myself to be on top of most station lineups and in tune with their individual positioning, I still sometimes find myself checking the dial to find what station I’m on. Outside of your headline breakfast shows, it’s becoming harder and harder to differentiate stations

Radio in general July 30, 2018

The Intrinsic Value & Heart of Radio

Being on the commercial side of radio and in a business like mine, I often take the cynical view that every radio station is a massive marketplace, with every word that comes out a presenter’s mouth up for sale. It’s easy to get lost in sales figures and forget the intrinsic value and heart of

Radio in general July 24, 2018

Radio is the fastest growing medium

The latest Advertising Agency/WARC Expenditure Report has revealed that radio is the fastest growing medium, with its 12.5% growth putting it ahead of the entire market including the internet! A number of radio’s biggest advertisers have significantly hiked their spend on the medium, for example Asda has doubled its investment while Sky spent three times as much

Radio in general February 15, 2018

The people you need to know in a radio station

The people you need to know in a radio station As radio advertising becomes more complex and campaigns start blurring the line between advertising and programming content, you’ll be put into contact with different departments in a station or group and, with more hyphenated titles appearing on email signatures than ever before, I thought it