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Dear Radio Blog Articles March 12, 2019

The Question of World-Class Radio

If you’re a regular radio listener or advertiser, how do you know that your chosen station is world-class? Because whooshy swishes between songs tell you they are? Because, every now and again, you’ll get a presentation showing some numbers that try to prove as much? What are you comparing it to? Is your station pushing the boundaries

Dear Radio Blog Articles November 30, 2018

Turbo-charge your Christmas radio campaigns

Here are some simple tips, all based on good programming practices, to apply to your radio advertising to improve your chances of cutting through this time of year. Traditionally, Christmas-time advertising fills up radio spot logs to breaking point. It’s make-or-break season for every retailer, car dealership, ISP, cellphone network, gym chain, fast-food outlet and

Dear Radio Blog Articles July 24, 2018

Brand managers are the new programming managers

If you’re a brand or marketing manager with a long-term investment in non-traditional radio, both contest- and sponsorship-based, how do your radio partners treat you? Are you just the client who pays the bill at the end of every month? Or are you treated like what you are in this branded-content age, like the programming

Dear Radio Blog Articles June 19, 2018

What’s up with radio stations using WhatsApp?

WhatsApp with its little blue ticks is an essential way to communicate and radio stations have integrated it seamlessly into the way they’re interacting with their audiences. Initially, I was skeptical about WhatsApp and radio, as it appeared stations were using voice notes to replace real callers and natural interaction for something more polished — but it

Dear Radio Blog Articles June 5, 2018

Will Spotify kill the radio star?

The local launch of the likes of Spotify and Deezer — and the continuing popularity of Apple Music — have presented the radio naysayers with a chance to kill off our beloved medium once again. (You’ll have to excuse me for using the lazy headline but are you really any sort of radio commentator if

Dear Radio Blog Articles May 15, 2018

Radio stations forgetting their core product

You’ve decided to buy some radio airtime. Great. You were sold on the responsive audience and the intimate, one-on-one relationship it has with its station. You were sold on radio’s ability to ‘converge’ digital and social media, and an ability to amplify. You were sold low production costs, quick turnaround times and that you get

Dear Radio Blog Articles March 26, 2018

Radio awards a good thing

In the early part of my career, there were no formal or regular award shows that recognised excellence in radio and that were judged by radio people and for radio people. The local radio awards, previously sponsored by MTN and now by Liberty, gives the industry a chance to deservedly pat ourselves on the back. We

Dear Radio Blog Articles March 15, 2018

Radio to the Rescue

When devastating and destructive natural disasters such as the ones in the Americas strike, radio comes to the rescue. This month I take a look at the role radio plays in helping communities mobilise when the humble radio is the only way of connecting devastated victims. When Hurricane Irma ripped through the Florida Keys, it